further Project information

In the core of our research project “Places of Incubovation” sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education stands the questions of howto create a viable, self-sustainable infrastructure for networked, bottom-up technological and economic development that seeks to bridge the missing link between industry and education in Tunisia. Against the background of an increasing digitization and automation in production and manufacturing, we focus mainly on open digital production systems in combining the idea of FabLabs and the development of Open Source Hardware machinery.

The main objective is the comprehensive preparation of an implementation plan for open digital production workshops (called OpenLabs) that shall function as education and innovation incubators as well as strengthen and improve the relevant conditions for application oriented research in Tunisia.

We understand OpenLabs as community-operated, self-organizing and open manufacturing spaces with an easy access to robust and easy-to-handle means of production and the promotion of their utilization. They can be considered as open workshops that provide a common place for encountering, learning, experimenting, joint creativity and value creation. They shall foster interdisciplinary research and give free access to technological learning in real project settings. Through such workshops we hope to get people engaged in production practices and promote entrepreneurship also by empowering people to build their own production machinery instead of having to buy them for high prices from abroad.

Together with our partners we would like integrate the OpenLab idea into academic curricula and vocational trainings and link them to neighboring industry structures and their specific needs.

Right now the project is still in the concept phase. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.